Making the Internet Accessible to Everyone

a more accessible internetInternet access is expanding. Not only its reach but in ways in which it can be accessed. Those with disabilities such as sensory impairments have traditionally had a difficult time accessing the Internet or enjoying any type of online experience. The EU's Cloud4All project has set a goal to make the Internet accessible to everyone. Is this possible? They think it is.

The project will launch its third pilot in 2015. This will take place in Athens, Madrid, and Berlin. This is the final beta test and will test the auto configuration the cloud for all be using to set the preferences. This is a process where users can switch between devices and adapt accessibility features depend upon their requirements. The project is currently inviting people interested to take part in this open beta if they are based in the three participating systems.

This auto-configuration feature means that when a disabled user selects the settings that they need to improve accessibility and such as higher contrast, brightness, volume, and more the settings will be applied to any device they use.

The first 2 Beta Tested Pl. in 2013 and 2014. Beta one tested the concepts themselves, making sure that they were both useful and viable and look at specific user needs in early versions of the club for all toolset. The second phase tested prototype devices that included the preference management tools, once the devices were approved then users were brought in to beta test both the software and the hardware.

The projects ongoing focus will be the development of components that are needed to improve the auto configuration toolset and increase accessibility across a wide variety of disabilities in countries. The mission statement is to achieve simple and instant accessibility for all. This is indeed shooting for the moon, and even if they do fall short the project is Artie shown amazing promise.

These technologies are being used to under by researchers in a variety of ways including the augmentation activation of built-in accessibility features in devices that already exist and recommending third-party solutions based on the users disabilities and specific needs.

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Making the Internet accessible to Everyone

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