House of Cards Offers Better Leadership than Actual Congress

As a surprise for Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey reprises his role as Frank Underwood and calls Hillary Clinton to discuss bills upcoming birthday. Kevin Spacey does a wonderful Bill Clinton impression and the spoof video gives the appearance that he is fooling Hillary and eight "jerky boys" style prank call.

The clip was released by the Clinton Foundation and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes fun of herself with one of her typical responses to the question of if she is running for president in the 2016 election. Spacey is Underwood then request an elephant for his birthday and the silliness continues.

Baby names suggested for Chelsea Clinton's upcoming child suggesting Frank for boy and Claire for a girl. These the names of the main characters in the Netflix original series house of cards played by Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey. Of course Hillary replies she was thinking of Kevin if it's a boy letting him know she knew who he was.

Hillary begins to grow weary of the prank on asked him to simply sign her husband's birthday card and stop.

Disparities made in honor former Pres. Bill Clinton's birthday which is coming up are laid on a little thick by Mr. Underwood and it is clearly all in good fun. Bill Clinton's birthday is Tuesday, August 19 and we will see if Mr. Underwood will call again from the Oval Office to wish him a happy 60th.

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