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privacy policyVectrex News is a limited liability corporation that is owned and run by its contributors. The goal of the publication is to create engaging content across a variety of subjects including science, health, family, travel, sports, politics and more. As such we do not actively collect information from any visitors to our site, or readers of the blog.

Vectrex News does from time to time collect e-mail lists from readers who send in content. And while we do maintain e-mail addresses this information will never be used for any purpose other than the distribution of our newsletters and content specifically requested by the users themselves. This is not a requirement, nor is this a "opt in" situation. The only way we would receive and maintain a reader's e-mail addresses if they sent it to us purposefully for a given reason. The e-mail list is maintained and managed by Vectrex News and will never be made available to advertisers, third parties, or other contributors to the publication.<

E-mail addresses will never be sold, bartered, or provided to anyone for any reason.

We do not use cookies nor do we collect any additional information from site visitors or readers.

Vectrex News does not publish or support adult content. For purposes of this document adult content contains one or more of the following:

  • content that is harmful to any group including women and children
  • content advocating racial intolerance or violence
  • abusive drug, tobacco, or alcohol related content
  • content that would be instructional in the areas of hacking or software cracking
  • any illegal content
  • content that promotes the use of weapons or violence in any way

Our servers are located in a secure data facility behind several firewalls and other security devices. Despite all precautions to protect data no server is guaranteed to be secure. Although we cannot protect any personal data at all times we do guarantee we will take all reasonable for cautions to do so. It is important to note that we cannot guarantee absolute security for any reason.

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